Nuestra historia

¡Hola! Somos Mariana y Anita, amigas desde hace ya muchos años, nos conocimos en la universidad. Somos dos mujeres emprendedoras, apasionadas por la moda. En el corriente 2020 nos decidimos por lanzar nuestra marca de ropa para bebés: A Twinkle Star Uruguay.

Juntas creamos esta plataforma de e-commerce para las mamás y sus niños. Un lugar donde podrán encontrar outfits con mucho estilo para sus pequeños.


Nuestra Misión

Our aim is to deliver cute, stylish, fashionable and high-quality products for moms and kids.  Working with top producers around the world and the best materials on the market to ensure comfort and irritation-free for your little precious ones.

About Us

Born To Shine

Each piece of clothing tells a story, so we want our kids to dress well, no matter the occasion. As our little ones grow up so fast, constantly finding new, simple, and fashionable styles can be time-consuming.

That’s why we created A Twinkle Star. A simple, elegant, and fashionable online baby clothing solution for moms and kids. Each piece of clothing is inspired by our babies, places we go, and all the unexpected things that happen in our lives.

Providing clothes, shoes, accessories, and home goods ensuring that you have a platform that meets all your baby needs.

From birthday parties to everyday use, we always have the perfect unique style for your kids.

Each piece of clothing tells a story, let’s start with yours today.

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